Amy from Lioness at her deskLioness is the product of Amy McLennan’s creativity and love of nature. Amy began her work as an illustrator with an interest in the symbolism and beauty of animals; Amy’s work is a detailed celebration of the natural world.

“I like to draw animals as I am inspired by their authenticity. Animals have no need to search or question themselves – their design and ways of being are perfect for their existence. I use animals’ perceived attributes, such as a wolf’s loyalty or a lion’s brave heart, to speak for our emotions, our own truths and what we’re seeking in life."

The luxury of distinct, good quality linen is at the heart of Lioness. Amy’s love of travel keeps her ideas plentiful and also gives Lioness the chance to offer fairly traded folk art, hand selected by Amy.

When Amy is not designing new prints and bedding for Lioness she works as a make-up artist in film and television. www.amymclennanmakeup.com

Environmental integrity and the preservation of the natural world is a core value of Lioness. All products on this website have been sourced and produced with consciousness and a commitment to sustainability.

If you wish to get in touch with us please email: amy@lioness.co.nz